We are a Marketing Communications Agency

who Believe in Thinking Inside the Box.

Yup that’s right... thinking inside the box!

So what is thinking inside the box?

It is being creative by working within the framework set by the client. The “box” comprise of 4 main components - budget, deadline, campaign message and current market conditions. By working within the box, Orange Cactus Project will deliver the desired results within your budget and deadline. These values are sacred to our clients, and we treat them with the very same respect.

One-stop solution for all your marketing requirements

At Orange Cactus Project, we have highly experienced marketing professionals in marketing, so you can leverage on our marketing expertise. More importantly, we are a one-stop solution for all your marketing requirements, so you can depend on us to develop a cutting-edge marketing strategy, or simply to support your marketing team.

Our Services

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail - Ancient Japanese Proverb

Orange Cactus Project takes pride in having a comprehensive set of tools to solve your marketing problems. Here’re some of our services:

Advertising & Media Buy
Communication Materials
Print & Creative Concepts
Content Development
Websites & Microsites Development
Video (Pre to Post Production)
Electronic Direct Mailers
Multimedia Development

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